Spas of the Desert: Your Internet Guide to the Spas of the Palm Springs Area


Types of Spas


'Know before you go' is our motto for spas. Nowadays there is a spa to suit everyone and every activity. Basically there are two types: Day or Stay Spas.

Day Spas
A Day Spa is a place where you can go and "check out" for the day.  Massage is a big feature as well as facials, scrubs, and other treatments.  Many Day Spas also offer "day use" of their facilities.  You arrive and spend your day soaking in their pools, "taking the waters" (i.e. soaking in hot mineral spring water if available), sitting in the sauna or steam room and just enjoying whatever amenities that the spa offers.

Know the spa's philosophy because many spas are specialized and vary a great deal. Some specialize in beauty treatments like hairstyling, skin care, and makeup application. Others are designed to be a day's escape, a place to go to relax and reduce your stress.

Stay Spas
Stay Spas are what the word means -- a place to stay for a night, nights or weeks at a time.  Many Stay Spas maintain a holistic approach to wellness and offer nutrition counseling, exercise classes, and alternative health treatments during your stay.  According to the Palm Springs Desert Resorts Convention and Visitors Authority: "Spa Vacations have eclipsed Golf Vacations in popularity!"

Massage / Spas a place for sex?
Sadly, at one time the concept of massage in America had been associated with a sexual encounter.  Thankfully this has changed.  Thanks to professional massage organizations and good media coverage, we Americans are finally getting past the sexualization of spas and massage.  A true spa or massage experience, while engaging the senses (or sensual), is not sexual in nature.


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